Gina Rodriguez: The D-List Diva

Gina Rodriguez Portrait By Noah Schultz

Pick a celebrity you really hate. Think of the most awful famous-for-being-famous, always-in-TMZ piece of garbage you can, someone who would scare the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. No matter whose name is in your mind, Gina Rodriguez probably has something to do with them.

The proprietor of GR Media has counted Michael Lohan (whose relationship with his daughter Lindsay has led to reality television stints and endorsement deals), Nadya “Octomom” Suleman (who gave birth to octuplets and has since made a porno and remained a topic in the gossip news for years) among her clients, along with Tan Mom, Tila Tequila, Farah “Backdoor Teen Mom” Abraham, Sydney Leathers—the list goes on and on. Gina’s job, basically, is to help people extend their 15 minutes of fame by any means necessary.

“I don’t call myself a publicist, but I end up doing their press for them, because it’s part of the whole thing of me marketing them and getting their name out there and making sure nobody forgets them,” she told me. “I’m trying to brand them, so I can get them other things like bookings, appearances, endorsements—whatever is good for them.”

Gina used to be on the other side of the business. After posing for Playboy in 1992, she starred on a couple Baywatch episodes and later married porn star Randy Spears, her third husband. When her acting career failed to grow, she went to beauty school and opened several day spas. The spas faced money problems, and as a solution, she began starring in porn films with her husband as “Demi Delia.” Eventually, this lived to a short-lived online reality show, Mommy XXX, on

“I was actually performing for about a year and a half,” she said. “As soon as I was in porn, I was trying to get out of it.” On set, she told me, she became a mother figure to the younger porn stars. “I was trying to get those girls out all the time,” she said. In the struggle to help these girls escape porn, she saw an opportunity for a new business. In 2009, when she was in her late 30s and newly divorced, she quit porn to open up a management company that would help porn stars rebrand themselves as mainstream celebrities. Then, that November, Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife and everything changed.

“I would see the mistresses come out,” she said. “They’d do the interviews, and then you’d never hear from them. I thought, I’m surprised they can’t be marketed more.” She knew Joslyn James, a porn star who was one of Tiger’s mistresses, and flew her from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Gina moved Joslyn into her home, took her to see Gloria Allred, and then reintroduced Joclyn to the press three months later. She was an overnight success. Tiger’s other girls began calling Gina, and within several months, she was managing 37 former mistresses.

She helped the girls secure a platform so they could host club events, sell products, and star in porn films. Because of her experience in the industry, Gina prefers her clients star in a single porn film from which they can receive royalties from over time. “I’m not trying to get them to be in the porn business,” she said. “If anything, I’d rather them not be in that business.”

Since then, reality stars and tabloid anti-heroes have flocked to Gina. Believe it or not, she’ll occasionally turn down clients. When Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil came to Gina in January 2013, Gina initially didn’t want to work with her. It had been over a year since Tan Mom had been arrested for allegedly placing her daughter in a tanning bed. “What do you do a year later?” Gina said. “I thought, Well, what if I can do a photo shoot with her? I set her up with a photo shoot [with TMZ]. She took off her top. She was doing exercises and headstands. I saw that and thought, Oh my God! She’s funny. Of course, the press ate it up.” Gina used the publicity from Tan Mom’s photoshoot to score Tan Mom a cameo in a gay porno and a campy song with Adam Barta (another GR Media client), which gay icon Michael Musto called “the all-time high/low watermark of kitsch culture.”

Kate Major Michael Lohan and Gina Rodriguez Locks of Love 2010 GR Media

One of her most prominent clients is Michael Lohan, who she reached out to years ago when he was living in Long Island. “When I was in LA, I looked her up to meet her,” Michael told me. “We hit it off instantly.” Gina began securing Michael interviews and TV gigs, including his stint on Celebrity Rehab. If you see Michael on TMZ talking about Lindsay, chances are Gina organized the interview. In recent years, she has assisted Michael with his work as an interventionist at three rehab clinics in South Florida, where he lives with his fiance, Kate Major, a former reporter at Star Magazine.

According to Michael, Gina doesn’t take a standard 15 percent manager’s cut from payments he receives from work she gets for him. Her fees vary, Michael said: “Sometimes she doesn’t take the cut at all. She’s very fair about that. Sometimes I give her more than a cut.” Michael credits Gina’s business practices to the way she treats her clients as family. She speaks to Kate nearly every day and sends regularly gifts for Michael and Kate’s baby. “She’s more like family to me than anything else,” Michael said. “We don’t leave a conversation without saying, ‘I love you.’”

The family approach stems from GR Media’s structure—like a small-town mom-and-pop diner, Gina only employees her family. Her daughter, Brandi, works as her assistant and a make-up artist to the clients, while Brandi’s fiance, Colton, manages the clients with Gina. Besides outside contractors who help land the clients club hosting gigs, Gina’s only other employee is her son’s girlfriend.

Occasionally, Gina steps away from her business relationships to help her clients deal with their own personal problems. At one point, she represented both Michael and Dina Lohan, which meant she was essentially a Lohan family mediator. “At the time, Dina needed money to keep the house,” Michael said. “I [agreed to negotiate] with people to give her money, so she could pay her house off. Ironically, she didn’t use any of the money for her house at all. [She used it for] her own personal expenses.”

When Tan Mom and Farrah needed drug treatment in June, she sent them to the Lukens Institute where Michael works. According to Radar Online, the treatment center kicked Farah out of the program early because she tried to take photos of Tan Mom in group therapy. Shortly afterward, Gina and Farrah split ways.

That might seem like a mere publicity stunt, but Gina has helped her other clients with drug and alcohol problems—which practically all of them seem to have. Last year, she encouraged Octomom to seek treatment at the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center to deal with her Xanax addiction because she thought Nadya’s life was spiraling out of control. While Octomom dealt with her issues, Gina made sure a staff watched her children. “I had gotten her into rehab, moved her out to Palmdale, put a whole staff in place at her house to take care of her kids while she was in rehab,” Gina said. If she wanted to continue working with Gina, Octomom would have to stay clean. Octomom couldn’t keep her side of the bargain, so Gina terminated her as a client, choosing not to deal with her problems and give up the money GR Media could have made from further Octomom deals.

Although Gina acts as a mother to her clients, reality television producer Jason Fine says she’s one of the most professional women he’s ever met: “She’s up at 5 AM on the West Coast working till midnight. She’s got like three phones going at any given time, yet you never feel like she’s not paying attention when you’re with her and she’s working. She deals with people who she has to actually babysit, and even though she spends so much time babysitting some really outrageous characters, she’s way professional.”

This year, Jason and his production company, Spinboi Films, approached Gina about making a reality show, tentatively titled D-List Diva. Jason describes the show as “the behind-the-scenes of how Gina presses the snooze button on her clients’ 15 minutes of fame to extend it.”

Cable networks jumped at the chance to air a show about Gina. He said, “The cable stations were like, ‘We get one show with all these lunatics?’ It’s actually been the easiest project to pitch that I’ve ever been a part of.” It has sometimes taken Jason years to sell a show after he started developing it. Only six months after he began speaking to Gina, they inked a deal with major cable network to shoot a pilot.

He credits the success to Gina’s ingenuity. “Her work is amazing, because when you think about it she spends her average day trying to monetize Tan Mom—someone who by all accounts, we should have forgotten about two years ago, and yet here we are talking about her. You can’t forget about these people. We’d like to, but Gina makes sure we don’t.”



Anthony Weiner's sexting partner is making good use of her special skills ... scoring a low SIX FIGURE endorsement deal ... to keep on sexting. Sydney Leathers inked the lucrative deal with IHookUp to be the face of their mobile phone dating app -- where locals find each other, text and then agree to hook-up. Pretty great. As part of the gig Sydney will have to keep an active profile on the site, interact with users and possibly find people to canoodle with. Not exactly rocket science. So why Sydney? A rep for the company tells TMZ, "It's all about that instant gratification and hooking up with the right person at the right time. Sydney seems to have that nailed down!" Speaking of nailing things ... Sydney tells us, Weiner would have been a big fan.

Sydney Leathers trashes Anthony Weiner on 'Howard Stern Show'

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On 'The Howard Stern Show,' Sydney Leathers said that what angered her about Anthony Weiner's campaign for mayor was his attempt to convince voters that he had changed. 'I'm proof that you have not changed,' Leathers said.

Porno featuring Anthony Weiner's sexting pal Sydney Leathers set for release Wednesday

Sydney Leathers stars in 'Weiner And Me,' which will be released Wednesday. She says she wants to squash Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign, but first Sydney Leathers is squeezing her lusty liaison with the candidate for all it's worth. The tenacious temptress is set to release a full-fledged porn movie Wednesday titled "Weiner and Me," complete with an actor in a shirt and tie playing the pervy pol.


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Tan Mom Performs Her Song on Howard Stern


Patricia Krentcil aka Tan Mom appeared on the Howard Stern show with Recording Artist Adam Barta to debut her new single, 'Its Tan Mom'. Howard asked Tan Mom about her latest Topless Bikini Shoot and her Gay Porn cameo. Listen to H100 on Sirius to hear the full interview.


Jonah Falcon, the Man with the World's Largest Penis, Releases Big Penis Anthem – "It's Too Big", with Pop Singer Adam Barta


NYC, NY, May 16, 2013 – Jonah Falcon is known as the man with the world's biggest penis on record, and he's recently taken to the recording studio to release a pop music anthem for all the fellas with big ones! It's called "It's Too Big" and is a duet with Billboard Top 20 Club artist, Adam Barta, who had a duet out with "Octomom" Nadya Suleman last year. The song can be downloaded on iTunes:

The two partnered to write a hilarious song which would speak to all the guys with super-sized penises. To boot, they filmed a music video to go along with the tune, where Jonah is seen singing and dancing around while Adam and his crew rap inside a classroom where the topic is math, specifically, measurement! The video was directed by iconic gay director Francis Legge, who has worked with Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich.

Rolling Stone reports Falcon's penis as 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when erect. Falcon, who is also an actor and a singer, wanted to express his lament in a song, which is why he wanted to do, "It's Too Big".

Jonah's other motivation? He says, "I want to work out so I can do almost shirtless and let George [Takei] rub my chest and stomach" for his upcoming Howard Stern appearance where he will debut the song in a live performance. He also has a crush on Barta, who sings about having trouble handling Jonah's large one in the song. The two had been friends for years, but the collab was inspired by their manager, Gina Rodriguez of GR Media Firm.

Barta added, "It's such a silly, fun and catchy song that it actually sticks in your head. Is it going to be my next Billboard hit? Absolutely not. But we have to learn to step back and have fun with ourselves once and a while, and I think this takes fun to a new level!"

Jonah has been a recurring guest on the Howard Stern show, where he has shown off his large member in studio for the iconic George Takei, who copped a feel during an appearance a couple years ago. He was the subject of an HBO documentary in 1999 called "Private Dicks: Men Exposed". He also gained additional coverage after Rolling Stone did a feature story on him in June 2003. In January 2006, he appeared in a documentary by UK Channel 4 called "The World's Biggest Penis."

On July 9, 2012, Falcon says he was stopped by TSA in a San Francisco airport, due to the large bulge in his pants. According to Falcon, after passing through a metal detector and a body scanner, he was selected for additional screening, after which he was released and allowed to catch his flight.

Adam Barta can currently be seen on HBO's hit music show "Feedback" in his music video for "VIP". He's landed the #1 "Ultimate Sexiest Video" of all time on LOGO's "Click List" to scoring a Top 20 Billboard hit with Kathy Sledge (of Sister Sledge) for their song "Give Yourself Up". His song "VIP" was featured on multiple seasons of Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club". His most notable connection to Angelina however, was having his song "Standing in the Rain" picked as one of the official "fist pumping beats" of Jersey Shore during her season. He also released a duet called "Serendipity" with "Jersey Shore's" resident bad girl Angelina Pivarnick last year. The song was produced by German pop hit maker Daniel Volpe, and written by Adam Barta. Follow Adam Barta on Twitter @adam_barta and Jonah Falcon @JonahFalcon. For bookings or PR, contact GR Media firm, ##

"Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil Sets Her Sights on Becoming Pop Music's Biggest New Star!


NYC, NY, April 28, 2013 – Patricia Krentcil, also known as the "Tanning Mom", made international headlines last year when the bronzed skin mother of 5 allegedly took her daughter into a tanning booth, sparking controversy and even prompted legislation regarding the issue. Now she's hoping to parlay that fame into a music career, launching her debut single "It's Tan Mom!" which is a pop gem about tanning, her new found fame, and being the hottest one on the proverbial tabloid block. It was written and co-produced by Adam Barta, who many remember did a duet with "Octomom" Nadya Suleman last year. For that very reason Patricia desperately sought out Adam to produce her song to try and one-up Octomom and show she is the real princess of pop, as far as the celebrity mom crowd goes, at least. The song is also co-produced by Jake Benson.

The song starts with Tan Mom channeling her inner Britney Spears, saying "It's Tan Mom, bitch!" and then goes into a hybrid of rapping and chanting about tanning booths, being hotter than Octomom and the "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham (who she recently dissed by saying she could do a way hotter sex tape), and using the right amount of sunblock.

Patricia however, is taking her music seriously saying:
"It has to come from your heart. I stand tall, stood my beliefs and won! I would never hurt my kids. Don't judge me.

I can't stand what's going on in this world. All I want is for people to be kind. I'm saying [these lyrics] to YOU from my heart."

According to Patricia, she has a great voice and has been told many times before she should go into the music business, so she wanted to finally unleash her gift to the world. It was only a matter of time before she would rock the music industry. Although Barta wrote the lyrics, she got so into her performance she ad libbed a lot.

The mom of five hopes to top the pop charts with this smash hit. She's also considering doing a music video where she will show off her best pop star moves.

Visit Patricia on Twitter @RealTanMom and Adam @adam_barta.
They are both represented by Gina Rodriguez of GR Media firm,

"It's Tan Mom!" is scheduled to be released on May 6th on iTunes. Mark those calendars! ###



Watch the preview!

Momma Dee, Pilar Sanders, Debra Antney, Wooh Da Kid, Diedre Wayans Join Dial A Star®

Last year Dial A Star® became headline news when they launched the first website where you can call a celebrity directly on their phone for a fee per minute. Fans flocked to the site and it has become the new social network to the stars!

Dial A Star® has a variety of Reality TV stars, Artists, Comedians, Movie stars, Sports stars and Authors to call and new celebrities join every day. Recently from Love and Hip Hop, Momma Dee and Debra Antney also a Hip Hop Mogul joined on to Dial A Star. Pilar Sanders from Football Wives and Diedre Wayans, the very famous filmmaker from the Wayans family has joined on as well. Hip Hop Artist Wooh Da Kidand Rapper Dubb have also joined and are now taking calls on Dial A Star®.

Dial A Star® will also be welcoming Hip Hop Artist Waka Flocka Flame who will be taking calls soon!

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